Boudoir of the Beaches Boudoir FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some answers to common questions you may have about your boudoir photoshoot experience.  Note: When your photoshoot is confirmed, we will send you an extensive digital magazine of the photoshoot preparation process with even more details!

Boudoir of the Beaches – does that mean you only shoot at the beach?

Boudoir of the Beaches is just our business name to infer that we cover our home base of Florida from West Palm Beach to Miami Beach.  Although we do boudoir photoshoots at the beach, we also perform photoshoots at hotels, studios, client’s homes, outdoors and other exotic locations.  If you can dream it, we will do our best to make it come true!

Do you travel outside of South Florida?

Yes, we have tour dates setup to travel the country.  You can visit our Events & Locations page to see if we are visiting near you or to nominate your area for a Boudoir of the Beaches Experience.

What should I wear at the photoshoot?

You should wear whatever you feel most comfortable for the type of experience you scheduled. We’ll send you a digital guide full of information and ideas for your photoshoot once we confirm a date.  It covers everything you need to know to prepare and bring for the best experience and results.  We also include a resource guide with all sorts of ideas on where to shop.

What should I wear if I’m a curvy, full figured woman?

As above, anything you wish.  You need to celebrate your curves, so we recommend form fitting outfits to highlight your figure. Our resource guide includes options for curvy women too!

How many outfits/looks should I plan on?

It’s a good idea to being one more outfit than your package you purchase so we have choices to work with.  Also bring some accessories like scarves, hair accessories and jewelry.  We also bring some accessories to the photoshoot to add to the fun!

How long does a photo experience last?

The entire process can take 1.5 to four hours depending on the number of sets in your photoshoot experience plan. (It will take roughly an hour to do hair and makeup followed by the photo experience.)

Where do you shoot at?

Our Petite Experiences are held in Hotel Suites and we bring in many clients throughout the day.  Our Palatial Experiences can be held anywhere you want because it’s just a day focused on you.  Palatial Experiences can be held in the comfort of your home, a rented home, a hotel suite, the beach, a park, a studio or a location of your choosing that you have access too. Be as daring and imaginative as you want. A hotel is preferred as it offers an ever-changing environment just by choosing a slightly different location and/or hotel brand. We have a large inventory of locations to choose from!

I do not know if my house or apartment is the best location what do you think?

You would be surprised how little space we can make work for a photo experience.

Who will be at the session?

You, the photographer, a female Hair & Makeup Artist and any female friends you wish to bring along for support or share a shoot.

Can I bring a friend to the photoshoot?

A female friend is welcome! If you cannot talk your friend into joining the fun with her own shoot before of after your’s, you are welcome to bring her along for moral support. Male friends/partners are not allowed at this time but we are considering doing couple shoots. Inquire if interested.